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Since 1967 the Swanson Construction Company has prided itself on building excellence. When Donald W. Swanson founded the company in 1967 he delivered craftsmanship excellence through skill, ingenuity, hard work, and dedication to the customer. It is upon this very foundation that the company continues building its future on.

The Swanson Construction Company offers superior general contracting, construction management, and design-build services to owners of commercial, educational, institutional, industrial, and healthcare facilities. We deliver value to our customers by providing proficient professional services to deliver on time and under budget construction projects. With these goals in mind, our mission to our customers is as follows:

Mission: The Swanson Construction Company's primary mission is to create and/or discover value for our customers based upon their individual needs. Our philosophy is that "if it is good for the customer, it is good for us". We embrace this philosophy. This is the root of good business practice that causes our customers to call upon the Swanson Construction Company time and time again.

Now in our 44th year of business we are confident in saying that we understand your construction needs. We are even more confident saying we can fulfill your needs to your expectations. Therefore, we at the Swanson Construction Company are excited about our valuable building products and services and about the prospect of becoming an integral part of your construction team.

If you are considering expanding or renovating your facilities, please do not hesitate to call us @ (563)-332-4859 to discuss your building needs. We look forward to an opportunity to become an integral part of your construction team.

Swanson Construction Company

Steven A. Swanson

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