General Contracting: Typically this work is secured through the traditional design/bid/build scenario. However, in order to help foster value creation in a project an owner is better served by making the Swanson Construction Company an integral part of their construction team early in a project’s development stage. Therefore we also offer design/build services since you, the owner, are better served under this scenario.

Design – Build: These services are offered to owners seeking a single source for all design and construction needs. A few of the major benefits of this contracting method are significant efficiencies results in savings for the owner, designer/builder can streamline the entire project process to substantially expedite project completion, and the owner has a single source of responsibility for the entire project.

Construction Management: These services are offered through a no risk owner’s agent agreement or an at-risk agreement. The main difference between this contracting method and the general contracting method is that each trade contract will be directly between the owner and the trade contractor. Here again it behooves you, the owner, to make the Swanson Construction Company part of your construction team early in a project’s development stage to ensure value creation through out your project.

Pre-construction Services/Consultation: These services are offered to owners seeking knowledgeable advice on construction projects. When you are trying to determine what your construction needs are and what alternatives you have, you will be able to consult with the Swanson Construction Company to thoroughly analyze your needs and investigate all possible alternatives. This enables you, the owner, to make properly informed decisions from the start for your valuable capital investments. Typically these services include but are not limited to design, feasibility studies, estimating, scheduling, value engineering, quality control, coordination of trades, and safety.

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