Steven A. Swanson

As President of the Swanson Construction Company, Steve establishes the direction of the company and is ultimately the one responsible for the companyís future success. After getting his initial start in the construction business with the Swanson Construction Company, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering from Iowa State University, and working ten years for a contractor in the Minneapolis and Chicago commercial construction markets, Steve returned home in 2001 to interject new direction and a renewed entrepreneurial spirit into the company. Steve also currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Master Builders of Iowa and is Chairman of the Associated General Contractors of the Quad Cities.

Gene A. Sperry

Senior Project Manager

Gene has over 34 years experience in the local Quad Cities commercial construction industry with a proven record of successfully managing multi-million dollar projects as both a General Contractor and/or Construction Manager. Geneís personal characteristics of integrity, honesty, fairness, and dependability have always aligned with the culture at Swanson Construction. Consequently Geneís personal attributes have enabled him to have continued success at the Swanson Construction Co..

Tom W. Mahalla

Chief Estimator

Tom has over 22 years experience in the local Quad Cities commercial construction industry with a proven success record in both Estimating and Project Management. Tomís vast experiences in both of these areas has fully rounded him as an experienced professional and enabled him to accurately estimate small to medium to multi-million dollar projects. Tomís role as Chief Estimator is always a highly important integral start to any successful project.

Cathy J. Long

Office Manager

Cathy has over 28 years experience in Accounting in the local Quad Cities commercial construction industry. Cathyís many years of experience in financial reporting, attention to detail, and proficiency with Timberline accounting software enable her to successfully account for every penny on all Swanson Construction projects.

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